Northeast, Wisconsin Timber Stand Improvement Services

Northeast, WI Timber Stand Improvements

Bay Area Land Management offers Timber Stand Improvement services for Northeast Wisconsin and the Fox Valley.

Timber Stand Improvement (TSI) or Forest Stand Improvement (FSI) is a forest management practice that improves a forest or a timber stand. The goal being to improve growth productivity, promote tree regeneration and improve the quality and overall health of the forest or timber stand.

The most immediate method is forest thinning. This management technique helps to improve timber stands by thinning stands of timber that are getting over crowded. Removing diseased, invasive, dead or damaged trees are part of this method. Thinning stands of trees also help the desirable heathy trees absorb more sunlight, water and nutrients from the ground. This method is more immediate.

Another practice is creating regeneration openings. This method of intentionally opening the tree canopy by forestry mulching and cutting down trees. This will help promote native regeneration of the understory by allowing sunlight to reach the forest floor. This can also be created by logging and then removing the remaining unwanted trees.

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