Pond Maintenance

Bay Area Land Management offers Pond Maintenance services in Northeast Wisconsin, Green Bay and surrounding areas for keeping a clean, maintained retention and detention ponds and basins. These ponds play an important role in collecting water run-off. Much of which is contaminated. A properly functioning pond acts a pollutant treatment basin as well as a collection area for heavy rains. This helps reduce contaminates getting into other waterways as well as downstream flooding. We provide solutions to getting your pond back in order as well as proper maintenance.

Vegetation Management

One of the most important parts of having a functioning pond is controlling the vegetation around the pond. Making sure debris is not blocking spillways or other drain structures. Our equipment can efficiently clear vegetation using different types of foresty mulching equipment. over rocky spillways and around the waters edge. We can also reach over the waters edge without disturbing the muddy shoreline. Bi-yearly mowing’s are also a service we offer and recommend. Chemical applications can also be made to prevent grow-back of swamp willow, buckthorn, boxelder, etc.

Cattail and Phragmite Removal

Narrow leaved cattails are invasive and can quickly spread. This can cause blockages to drain structures, spillways and auto-fills. This can flood the pond and accelerate the ageing process. Creating expensive repairs and dredging. Cattails also can create habits for mosquitoes and undesirable wildlife such as muskrats, snakes, beavers, rats, etc.

Erosion Prevention

Erosion is also an issue that needs to be addressed. Annual inspections are important to spot these areas. Erosion can jeopardize the structure of the pond as well as affect water quality. We provide proper restoration methods to prevent further damage to the pond.