Green Bay, WI Grading Services


Bay Area Land Management provides grading services using well-maintained equipment. We also deliver and install topsoil, gravel for driveways and decorative stone. If you need a new yard installed or looking to rip out your existing lawn and get it reinstalled, we can help with your grading needs. With a variety of attachments we can provided services for post-hole drilling, grapple service, stump grinding, trenching, topsoil and gravel driveway installation.  With our experience and use of a laser transit, we can also accurately pitch areas away from structures. Our laser transit can shoot grades of +10 to -10 percent. This is necessary in providing drainage correction. It also helps us make level gravel pads and slightly pitched gravel or dirt pad.

  • Finish Grading                                                       •  Post-Holes
  • Foundation Waterproofing                                     •  Lawn Removal
  • Skid Steer Services                                               •  Dirt Removal
  • Forestry Mulching                                                  •  Lawn Resurfacing
  • Trenching                                                               •  Pond/Pool Excavating
  • Drainage Correction                                               •  Berm Creation
  • Grading & Excavating                                            • Topsoil and Stone Installation
  • Mini/Large Excavator Services                               •  Concrete and Asphalt Demo