Northeast Wisconsin Pond and Vegetatoin Management Services

Northeast, WI Herbicide Spraying & Application

Herbicide treatments are another great technique to manage forests and timber stands. We use herbicides for a lot of buckthorn, vine, boxelder and other invasive species. This can be done using a UTV with a boom-sprayer setup or a backpack style sprayer. Bay Area Land Management offers basal-bark treatments which use a crop oil mixed in with a herbicide and then applied to the bottoms of the invasive species and letting it absorb into the bark. Another method is a hack and squirt technique. This involves cutting into the tree and spraying the herbicide. Lastly, we also use a technique know as cut-stump method. This is more for larger trees that you would cut the tree down and then spray the stump. This helps prevent resprouting by killing the root structure.

From the woods to the pond we also spray for cattails and phragmites. Using a fogger style sprayer we can broadcast over the water to get the cattails. Keeping cattails and phragmites under control is key to a properly functioning pond. Please visit our Pond Maintenance page for more information.