Northeast Wisconsin Storm Water Drainage Solutions

Northeast, WI Storm Water Drainage Solutions

Do you have standing in your yard or around your foundation? Are you noticing water in your basement? These are very common problems in Wisconsin and are very noticeable after the snow melt in Spring or after a heavy rain. Having standing water or water coming into your basement or garage can cause serious damage. Bay Area Land Management are experts in drainage storm water drainage solutions. Sometimes its correcting the grading around your house. Other times it can require the use of a swale or berm, dry wells, French drains, channel drains, dry creek beds, or a system of underground pipes directing water away from a structure.

We start with determining if there is a negative grade going toward the structure. We can verify this by using a laser transit. We check the down spouts and if there are any other sources of incoming water. Then, we come up with a plan to divert water away from the structure and towards a drain or property line.

If you are also noticing water in your basement we can help with as well. Bay Area Land Management can excavate around your structure’s foundation down to the drain tile. We can then check to see if your drain tile is clogged and needs replacement. At the same time, we can seal the exterior foundation walls and back fill the area with stone. This will help relieve the built-up hydrostatic pressure against the foundation. Finishing the area off with grading to deflect water away from the foundation, this will help your basement stay dry.  

Servicing all of Northeast Wisconsin, the Fox Valley, and surrounding areas, contact us today for your storm water drainage solution needs!